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Join the gospel choir! Meet director La'rae Trice.

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Four weeks in as the new gospel choir director for Olivet College, and La’Rae Trice has hit the ground running. In her new role, La’Rae serves to grow the gospel choir by developing and recruiting students who share her love of music.

“My first goal is to develop the students who already love singing but want to be better singers. Once we have a solid student choir, then we can travel and recruit new participants, including people in the community.”

In addition to nurturing the existing choir, La’Rae is also working with admissions on recruitment events and activities geared toward attracting new students. Her first step is reaching out to high school students with an existing interest in Olivet College. “They know Olivet but many of them have no idea we have a gospel choir!”

Students with considerable talent will be considered for the choir’s scholarship program, which supports up to full-need for students interested in joining the gospel choir. Qualified students will be asked to audition with La’Rae, sing one hymn, one gospel song, and harmonize with her. “It works much like an athletic scholarship.”

That being said, the gospel choir as a whole is open to anyone. If you love music, you can be a part of the choir. “If you know someone who can sing or play an instrument, let me know – especially if they’re not utilizing their gift. All are welcome!”

You can catch the new gospel choir at events on campus and across the country, the first of which will occur this spring. La’Rae will host a gospel choir competition on the Olivet College campus for high school juniors and seniors wishing to compete.

“We’re looking for support. From our students, from our faculty, residents, you name it. This can open up doors for our students.”

La’Rae looks forward to sharing her love of music with the students and community of Olivet College.

To learn more about the Olivet College Gospel Choir or to apply for the Olivet Talent Scholarship, visit the admissions page, call 800.456.7189 or reach out on Facebook and Twitter.


What should your major be?

Let us help you pick a major that aligns with your interests!

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