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Fitness Management Major

A degree in fitness management will prepare you for a career as a fitness center director, athletic coach, fitness programmer, facilities manager or sports marketing specialist, to name a few. This degree program can provide you a strong science foundation as well as good written and verbal communication skills.

The following is an overview of courses associated with our fitness management major. We encourage you to speak with a faculty representative during your on-campus visit for detailed information about your specific program interests.

For an official description of courses and degree requirements, please reference our academic catalog.

Fitness Management Major Core Courses

  • HWL 250 Nutrition
  • HWL 252 Substance Use and Abuse
  • HWL 260 Human Anatomy
  • HWL 353 Stress Management
  • HWL 354 Wellness Program Management
  • PE 107 First Aid
  • PE 217 Theory of Teaching Physical Fitness
  • PE 301 Sports Psychology
  • PE 307 Principles and Techniques of Conditioning
  • PE 401 Kinesiology
  • PE 405 Exercise Physiology
  • PE 410 Sports Philosophy and Ethics
  • PE 425 Sports Law
  • SA 304 Sport, Culture and Society
  • IDS 390 Cooperative Education

Optional Business Concentration

  • BUS 200 Introduction to Business
  • BUS 201 Principles of Accounting I
  • IRM 221 Principles of Insurance
  • BUS 300 Principles of Management
  • BUS 309 Principles of Marketing
  • BUS 311 Advertising
  • BUS 408 Organizational Behavior
  • ECO 201 Principles of Microeconomics

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