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Journalism and Mass Communication Major


Our journalism and mass communication major is designed to prepare you for a wide variety of careers in the media and other communications-related industries. Through hands-on experience in a variety of mass communication disciplines – which will begin the very first week you arrive on campus – you’ll develop strong written, oral and interpersonal communication skills which contribute to success in any communications-related career.

The journalism and mass communication major requires students to have access to a laptop computer for use in all classes and program offerings.

The following is an overview of courses associated with our journalism and mass communication major. We encourage you to speak with a faculty representative during your on-campus visit for detailed information about your specific program interests.

For an official description of courses and degree requirements, please reference our academic catalog.

Journalism and Mass Communication Major Core Courses

  • JMC 101 Introduction to Mass Communication
  • JMC 105 Introduction to Oral Communication
  • JMC 200 Basic Reporting
  • JMC 203 Public Speaking
  • JMC 210 Basic Reporting II
  • JMC 250 Photoshop
  • JMC 290 Practicum in Mass Communication
  • JMC 300 Video Production
  • JMC 310 Editing
  • JMC 390 Internship
  • JMC 400 Mass Communication Theories
  • JMC 421 Mass Communication Law & Ethics
  • IDS 499 JMC Seminar (one semester hour each semester)

Complete four of the following courses:

  • JMC 205 Broadcast Production
  • JMC 230 Broadcast Writing
  • JMC 240 Photography and Visual Communication
  • JMC 305 Publication Design
  • JMC 450 Special Topics in Media (Topics can include: computer-assisted reporting; film studies; contemporary issues in mass communication; covering sports; publication editing and design; arts reporting and criticism. Special topics courses are taught by professionals in the field.)

Recommended Electives:

  • ART 108 Introduction to Graphic Design 
  • ART 208 Layout and Typography I 
  • ART 209 Layout and Typography II 
  • ART 308 Electronic Publication and Web Design 
  • BUS 309 Principles of Marketing
  • BUS 311 Advertising
  • BUS 321 Public Relations
  • CS 110 Computer Information Systems
  • CS 116 Web Design and Development
  • HST 317 American Foreign Policy
  • HST 319 The Modern Middle East
  • MTH 232 Statistics
  • PHL 102 Introduction to Ethics
  • POS 201 American Government - National
  • POS 202 American Government - State and Local
  • POS 320 Legislative Branch
  • POS 321 Judicial Branch
  • SA 305 People, Resources and the World


  • Internships may be taken for up to 15 semester hours of credit. You are encouraged to take two or three smaller internships during your academic career, rather than taking all 15 semester hours in one internship.
  • JMC 290, Practicum in Mass Communications, may be taken in radio, newspaper, broadcast media, literary magazine, research or video


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