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Biology Major, Pre-Medical Studies Concentration

This concentration is for students interested in pursuing further education in human medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry, physical therapy or training as a physician’s assistant or other allied health fields. Complementary minors include chemistry, biochemistry, psychology and environmental science for those interested in environmental health.

The following is an overview of courses associated with this major and concentration. We encourage you to speak with a faculty representative during your on-campus visit for detailed information about your specific program interests.

For an official description of courses and degree requirements, please reference our academic catalog.

Biology Major, Pre-Medical Studies Concentration Core Courses

  • BIO 111 Principles of Biology-Molecules to Cells
  • BIO 112 Principles of Biology-Organisms to Ecosystems
  • BIO 207 Microbiology
  • BIO 211 Anatomy and Physiology I
  • BIO 212 Anatomy and Physiology II
  • BIO 311 Pathophysiology
  • BIO 401 Cell Biology
  • BIO 404 Genetics
  • CEM 151 General Chemistry I
  • CEM 152 General Chemistry II
  • CEM 153 General Chemistry Laboratory I
  • CEM 154 General Chemistry Laboratory II

Complete at least three of the following courses:

  • BIO 150 Introductory Zoology
  • BIO 202 Comparative Vertebrate Biology
  • BIO 210 Entomology
  • BIO 216 Ornithology
  • BIO 305 Ethology
  • BIO 312 Parasitology
  • BIO 313 Plant Ecology
  • BIO 345 Fundamentals to Neuroscience
  • BIO 403 Environmental Health and Toxicology
  • BIO 406 Biostatistics
  • BIO 415 Research in Biology
  • BIO 418 Independent Study
  • CEM 332 Biochemistry-Molecules and Metabolism
  • CEM 333 Biochemistry-Molecular Genetics and Biosynthesis
  • PE 401 Kinesiology
  • SCI 350 Gender, Race and Science
  • SCI 410 Topics in Science

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