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Meal Plans

There are a number of convenient dining options for our students – whether you are on-the-go, an early riser or health conscious!

Olivet College’s food service provider, Chartwells, is committed to providing you quality food with exceptional service. If you have specific dietary needs or any questions about the food they serve, feel free to call Chartwells at (269) 749-7378.

We understand that eating in the Kirk Center – or KC, as our students call it – is a daily social event. We also want to ensure that you never have to worry about your academic schedule, eating patterns or social life getting in the way of breakfast, lunch or dinner. Our student meal plan – called My Meals – is designed to accommodate the various needs of all our students.

Meals per week
Your “meal allowance” is intended to be used in the KC for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Each time you visit, we subtract a meal from your weekly balance. This balance is reset at the end of each semester. The exception to this is our Carte Blanche plan, which is explained in detail below.

Carte Blanche
This option allows you to enjoy all 19 meals offered each week in the Kirk Center – including breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday through Friday, as well as brunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday. This plan also comes with 10 guest meals each semester to treat your family and friends when they visit. Also included with this meal plan is $125 in points each semester.

100 on the Run
This plan is reserved for commuting students, and students qualified to live in the Gillette Student Village, theme and Greek houses. Enjoy a declining balance plan that offers you 100 meals each semester. This averages out to be about five meals per week. You can use meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner or brunch any day of the week. The meal balance does not carry over from fall to spring semester. This meal plan is a buddy plan which gives you the opportunity to treat family and friends any time. Also included in the meal plan is $200 in points per semester. 

Points are treated just like cash, and can be used in any of our three retail locations on campus. Points are tax free, and the balance will be carried over from fall to spring semester. You can add Points to your account as needed via our web at, or in person at the Kirk Center or by calling us at (269) 749-7378. Any purchases of $30 to $99 will receive a 10 percent bonus. Purchases of $100 to $199 receive a 15 percent bonus and any purchases of $200 or more receive a 20 percent bonus. Points that you add on will stay with your account until you finish your stay at Olivet College.

All students who live in traditional residence halls are required to purchase a meal plan. If you have any questions about the meal plan options, please contact April Yost, assistant director of student activities, at (269) 245-6411 or

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