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Written by Hailey Willett, senior Insurance and Risk Management major, minoring in Journalism and Mass Communication.

1. You need less dorm items than you think.
Before you spend (too much) open house money on items for your dorm, trust me when I say that less is more. Think practicality rather than attempting to make your room look like what you typically see in a magazine. Bring what you need (don’t forget power cord strips, a small set of plastic silverware and dishes, hand towels, etc.) and then evaluate additional items that will help make your new room a... Read more

Maybe it was the way Jeremy Duby waved his baton in the air, making figure eights, tilting his head this way and that like there was a crick in his neck. Maybe it was the way the second song’s electric eel wave of motion transferred through Johann De Meij’s “Aquarium, Op. 5” piece, reeling in the audience slowly. Or, maybe it was the way Levi Armstrong ’15 serenaded those attending the 100-minute event with his alto saxophone playing, creating a standing ovation.

Whatever way you look at the event, the Olivet College Wind Ensemble’s 11-song “Winter Gala,” held Feb. 16 at the... Read more

Since our founding in 1844 by Father Shipherd, our institution has cultivated a rich history.

And, as of this month, 172 years of it.

History is Dr. Nikki Magie’s forte, who works as an assistant professor of social science and archivist at Olivet College. She specializes in archival research and is a master of organization when it comes to sifting through more than a hundred years of information.

Magie has worked to transform what was once a library storage closet of documents, transcripts, yearbooks and other artifacts into an orderly collection of historic... Read more

A helper here. A helper there.

Since 2013, Olivet College students of KayDee Perry’s REC 400 class have volunteered with Area 8 Special Olympics at the State Winter Games in Traverse City.

This year was no different.

“Our students were responsible for making sure their athletes made it to each of their events and other activities each day,” said Perry, who is the assistant professor of health and human performance. “Ann Goudie, Area 8 Director, came to my REC 400 class and presented a variety of options for students to earn hours to fulfill the service learning... Read more

Before Thanksgiving break, the Olivet College Black Student Union (BSU) held a water drive for Flint collecting 3,200 bottles of water to send to those in need during the water crisis, which has now gained nationwide attention.

"We, the Black Student Union are thankful for those contributing to a cause we're passionate about," BSU President Sherri Bridges said. "This crisis is happening right next door. The estimated time to fix this entire problem is 15 years, and this is only the beginning."

The BSU announced in January that it is extending its drive until the college’s... Read more

In 2007, Mike Fales, director of service learning and campus ministries, had an idea. He established an alternative spring break for Olivet College to test if students would be willing to give up their spring break to help a community in need. Ten students signed up, and the experience has only grown from there. Today, these trips range from weekend excursions to week long adventures and take students across the country to help communities in need, or aid in disaster relief efforts.

 “When Hurricane Katrina hit, students came to me asking to help the cause. We set up a trip at the... Read more

As the collective voice of the Olivet College student body, the Student Government Association (SGA) truly knows how to make an impact. Their most recent accomplishment, an initiative to change the color of the graduation regalia to red, might be their most visible and historic achievement yet.

Starting in May 2016, students graduating at Olivet College will now don caps, tassels and gowns in the official school color.

Senior Alexis Nichols, who will be among the first graduating class to wear the new uniform, spearheaded the project. “I was talking with some friends one day... Read more

If you can’t find it, Judy Fales can. 

Boasting an impressive collection of books, periodicals and an online database that allows students to submit interlibrary loan requests to receive academic articles and other resources from across the nation, locating the perfect research materials at the Burrage Library can sometimes be an overwhelming process.

But enter Fales – a native of Atlanta, Georgia – who has worked at the library for six years (four as a library assistant, and two as library director), earned her Masters in Library Science (MLS) from North Carolina Central... Read more

Tom Hall made his rounds on the wrestling mat in The Cutler Event Center on Jan. 21 in a regular-season dual match with Alma College.

Only one wrestler had the feature fight tonight, and it was Hall.

Like Big Ben, he ticked in his red arena Thursday. One beat. One motion. One person. And it was only 8:30 p.m.

A senior 197-pound grappler, Hall, a Fife Lake native, paced the red floor early in the meet -- a step with his right foot, a step with his left. More circling, more pacing. Tick. Tick. He finally snapped, launching forward, before putting his arms around Alma’s... Read more

The Comet Marching Band returns from their triumphant international debut in Paris

The City of Light resounded with the fanfare of the Olivet College Fight Song on New Year’s Day, as the Marching Comets proudly made their international debut during La Grande Parade de Paris – Champs-Élysées.

For all who watched, it was hard to believe that less than a year ago this same band was just a small group of very determined students and a director with a vision. After a long hiatus, the new Marching Comets, now numbering over 30 students, were already being invited to... Read more


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What should your major be?

Let us help you pick a major that aligns with your interests!

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